Artist Collaboration with Oibel1 (Samora Bazarrabusa)


Swiss artist

My name is Samora Bazarrabusa, also known as Oibel, born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. I am a visual artist and have been working on my skills off and on since over 20 years. Starting with spray paint I have explored and tried out many mediums over time, such as drawing, brush painting, acrylics and digital illustration. I learnt to love them all. My art has taken me to places like Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague or Kampala and I am looking forward to add more destinations to my list.

My artworks are mainly made of strong lines, figurative forms, bright vivid colors and have an emotional impact on the viewer. With my art I want to spark positivity and constructive but also critical thought about one’s self and the environment. I draw inspiration from all kinds of cultures, nature, society, graffiti and art in general, focusing on ideas like love, life, awareness and the abstraction of being.

Neon Artworks


Selection of Oibel1's Artworks