About Us

It all started with a dream... 

Neon Dreams was founded in 2022 by Marko and Karla.  We began our journey creating neon signs and soon realized we wanted to incorporate our passion for fine arts into our designs. This inspired the concept of our exclusive Neon Artworks. The instant success of our first artist collaboration motivated us to focus on expanding our Neon Artworks collection by taking an art collective approach and grow the Neon Dreams family with more artists.


Currently, we are collaborating with various artists worldwide to create unique Neon Artworks. Our artist collaborations help artists take their art to the next level and gain exposure into new markets. In less than one year, we have partnered with a diverse group of passionate artists from different styles: pop art, street art, abstract art, and erotic art. Most of our Neon Artworks are limited edition pieces and include a certificate of authenticity.


With our Cheetah Bear Art platform, we offer a disruptive approach to serve artists and connect them to collectors and art enthusiasts from around the world. We feature art exhibitions in luxury residential buildings and hotels across the USA and Europe and host collaborative events during Art Basel in Miami and, in our native city, Basel. Our goal is to take the artworks from our artists across borders and even into the Metaverse. 


We have headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and Miami, Florida, USA.