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Bunny *Limited Edition* (NeonDreams X DR.ARTWORKS)

Bunny *Limited Edition* (NeonDreams X DR.ARTWORKS)

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This limited Neon Artwork from the german artist DR.ARTWORKS has been created specially for the Art Basel Miami Exhibitions 2022 from NeonDreams by Cheetah Bear ART.

Print on Acrylic with Yellow & Red LED Neon light.


- Limited to 30 artworks

76.5x110 cm | 31.1x43.3 in (15 pcs)
104x150 cm | 40.9x59 in (15 pcs)

- CoA 




I am often asked: "How long have you been painting?" I then say, "Always." At least as far back as I can remember.

Started with colored pencils in kindergarten like probably every child.

But even then I noticed how much fun I had with my ideas and thoughts and to be able to present ideas visually. When I got my hands on a Werner book from my uncle for the first time in elementary school, I was hooked and the world of comics cast a spell over me. In the next few years, countless drawings would find their place on paper or on school desks. One day I painted with my three children together with a 0815 paint box, took a larger piece of cardboard and quickly

I noticed that I am also enthusiastic about painting with a brush and on formats larger than A4 and then I ended up with canvases and acrylic paints.

Now my plan is to conquer the world with colorful pictures and my personal style.


LED Stripes mit Silikon Hülle

Acrylglas 6mm

CH/EU Stecker

Metallkette für Montage


Die Schilder werden auf Bestellung angefertigt und werden zwischen 10 und 16 Tagen geliefert.

Der Versand ist Gratis.

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